Shantz, Mica View, Mesquite, Cholla loop

I call this the Shantz, Mica View, Mesquite, Cholla loop.

Shantz,Mica View,Mesquite Cholla loop

It uses these trails to form the loop, located in Saguaro East National park.

The trailhead is located at the east end of Broadway street in Tucson,Az.

There are three trails that leave from this parking lot. Shantz, Mica View and Cactus Forest. 4 if you count the Shantz trail heading east off of Cactus Forest. Take either Cactus Forest or Shantz south, depending on which direction you want to travel.

This route is approximately 5.4 miles in length, over mostly hard packed desert. May be some rocky areas and some areas where there is a groove in the trail. This area is used by horses, bikers and hikers.

Expect to see wildlife, lots of cactus and of course if you look toward the mountains you will see what looks like water cascading down. Not water but outcroppings of Mica!

The trail is rated as a medium easy hike due to it’s length of 5.4 miles. Little if any noticeable elevation gain.

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