Why do I wear a kilt, you ask. Well I am of Scot/Irish heritage and I like kilts!

I do a lot of winter hiking in Arizona, where the winters can get hot. I also hike a lot in Oregon during the summer where it also can get hot and humid!  I wore shorts most of the time.These hikes usually cause me to perspire down below and not unusual for my underwear to get damp, which causes chafing and became a good breeding area for bacteria as well, if precautions were not taken. So I thought, well I am of the Scot/Irish heritage, why not try a kilt?

So I found a quality kilt with a spooran (a pouch) and a back pocket, from American Kilt. They make AmeriKilts for comfort and durability – all at an affordable price. They use 10oz cotton duck – the same fabric used by the popular construction apparel makers. It’s tough and, after a few washings, gets softer and more supple. There’s no need to buy a sporran – because they originated the detachable sporran of the same fabric – and it’s included with your AmeriKilt.

I have 2 kilts from American Kilt. Both I have worn the last 2 years and they have held up well. The provide the ventilation I sought and helped to reduce the dampness I was experiencing and provided flexibility when need in climbing or crossing over trees etc.

It is comfortable to wear, has belt loops, a rear pocket and of course the spooran to carry my money, Id’s and other items as well.

I would also recommend the kilts for women as well. Same benefits as for the men and they look great as well.

Some words of caution! Learn how to kneel down, sit, and watch the wind too! Some folks will want to know what you wear under the kilt. Here is what I tell them. If you have to wear something under it is called a skirt! I wear a kilt! Even had one lady after being told this try to lift my kilt! It does take some courage to wear the kilt and it does solicit a lot of comments! Mostly good especially from the ladies!

I am proud to wear my kilt and I also wear the McCloud clan kilt (my grandmother was a McCloud)  for more formal occasions like weddings and other gatherings.

So go get a kilt and give it a try! Let Freedom Swing!

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