Proctor Nature Trail

Proctor Nature trail is located in Madera Canyon, south of Tucson and east of Green Valley. What a beautiful area nestled in the mountains. Total mileage is 3.0 miles to Rita Lodge and back.

The trail starts in the Proctor parking area, just to the left of the entrance to Madera Canyon. It is rated as a low moderate trail (using the Hiking Difficulty Calculator) It has asphalt on portions and earth trails. It crosses Madera Creek several times. It is great to hike along the creek and hear the bubbling water as it travels down the canyon.


Madera Canyon is known for it’s birdlife. Many species call Madera Canyon home. This past week an Elegant Trogan was sited along this trail. Saw lots of birders out on our return trip back to the parking lot.


Our destination for todays hike was to the Rita Lodge and Gift shop. A great place to take a break, have a cup of coffee and a snack, while watching the different birds feed at the feeders!


I would give this trail 5 thumbs up! A nice trail in a forest with birds, deer, turkeys and other wildlife, along a bubbling creek! Enjoy



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